Женский лонгслив-футболка с длинным рукавом красного цвета авторского дизайна "Герб Рима"

Women’s long sleeve t-shirt “Coat of arms of Rome”

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Online store designer clothing “Red Lion” presents a women’s t-shirt with long sleeves “Coat of arms of Rome” – a model of red, made of high-quality knitted fabric, consisting of natural cotton (95% cotton) and lycra (5%), giving the product a matte Shine.

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The t-shirt depicts the coat of arms of Rome, representing the letters “SPQR”, located diagonally. This abbreviation dates back to the founding of the Roman Empire and denotes the greatness of Rome and its Senate. Ancient Rome, as it developed, conquered many States and made them provinces. The citizens of the Republic were proud of their state system and made SPQR their unofficial symbol. This is what these letters mean (lat.):

S – “Senatus” the Senate;
P – “Populusque”, “Populus” – people, nation;
Q – “Quritium” – warrior with spear, or, on the other version of, “Qurites” – citizen (about meaning this hew disputes among historians continue to this day);
R – “Romae”, “Romenus” – Rome.

The abbreviation “SPQR” generally symbolizes the greatness and strength of Rome, reflecting the mentality of the ancient Romans and their faith in their state. It was actively used during the Italian Renaissance. In modern Italy, the symbol is used as the coat of arms of the city of Rome.

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Fabric composition

Хлопок 95%, лайкра 5%




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