Men’s t-shirt-longsleeve “Mountain Huntsman”

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The patch on the sleeve reads: “Gebirgsjager Regiment” (“Regiment of mountain Rangers”) (German). Mountain Rangers-specialized parts of the land forces, trained for combat operations in the highlands. German units of mountain Rangers during the Second World war were trained in all types of combat operations in the mountains: to move stealthily, overcoming all forms of mountain terrain, to choose a position for observation, for firing points, for ambush and attack, for defense. The equipment and special equipment corresponded to the best samples of the time. All weapons, ammunition, provisions were adapted for pack transportation. All types of small arms were extremely facilitated, while maintaining standard calibers. The weapon’s sights were designed to take into account the elevation angle up to firing vertically up or vertically down.

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Fabric composition

Dense material, The flip side of loopy, Хлопок 95%, лайкра 5%