Мужская толстовка белая с рыцарской символикой

Men’s sweatshirt “Teuton white”

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Online store stylish designer clothing from the manufacturer “Red Lion” is a men’s sweatshirt “Teuton white” – a model of white without a hood and zipper, with the symbols of the Teutonic order. The sweatshirt is made of thick Jersey with fleece on the reverse side and is designed for spring-autumn and winter seasons.

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The design of the men’s sweatshirt “Teuton white” consists of elements of the symbolism of the Teutonic order-the legendary spiritual and knightly order that existed in Europe in the Middle ages. The motto of the noble knights of the order: “Help-protect-heal.” The patch on the front of the sweatshirt – Teutonic eagle, made of black thread on the Chevron fabric, which is sewn to the sweatshirt. Black and white crosses-applique fabric sewn to the sweatshirt. The image on the left shoulder is made of textile paint. It is the Seal of the last Grand Master of Prussia, Albrecht of Brandenburg.

Warm and high-quality sweatshirt “Teuton white” emphasize the individuality of men who are close to the noble spirit of chivalry.

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Fabric composition

80% cotton, 20 PE%, Thick material with fleece on the inside


demi, winter


L, M, S