Мужской лонгслив военно-морской исторической тематики темно-синий

Men’s longsleeve “U-96”

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The online store of designer clothes “Red Lion” presents a brand men’s longsleeve “U-96” -a model of a unique design of the naval historical theme, dark blue with long sleeves.

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The design of the u-96 men’s longsleeve is inspired by the history of the legendary German u-boat of world war II, U-96. The submarine made 11 combat trips. Sunk 24 ships, damaged 3, one of them irreparable. The boat became one of the most famous submarines after the publication of the novel “Boat” (it. “Das Boot”) and the film of the same name. During her entire military career, u-96 was never sunk, and at the very end she was transferred from the battle flotilla to the training. Boat during their combat hikes has belonged 9 flotilla, hence figure “9” on back and the writing” Kriegsmarine ” (naval fleet ). The patch on the sleeve reads: “Wir fahren gegen Engelland”, which translated from German means”We go against England”.

Men’s longsleeve “U-96″, respectively, is suitable for men who have the same” unsinkable”, inflexible, invincible character, strong will, determination and ability to achieve their own in spite of any circumstances, no matter what.

Longsleeve is made of high-quality knitted fabric of medium density, consisting of natural cotton (95% cotton) with the addition of lycra (5%), which gives the product an additional matte Shine.

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Fabric composition

Dense material, The flip side of loopy, Хлопок 95%, лайкра 5%


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