Мужской лонгслив (футболка с длинным рукавом) с танком Пантера

Men’s longsleeve “Panther”

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Online store and manufacturer of branded clothing “Red Lion” presents a stylish men’s longsleeve author’s design “Panther” – a black model with prints in the form of tanks (picture front and back scheme) and a patch in the form of an inscription on the sleeve, without a hood and without a zipper. Longsleeve is made of cotton knitted fabric. Designed for spring-autumn season.

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The concept model of the designer men’s longsleeve “Panther” is dedicated to the eponymous legendary tank of the German army during the Second World war. All the inscriptions on longsleeve is in German language. The inscription on the front above the image of the tank “Panzerwaffe” means “Tank troops”, the inscription on the front under the picture of the tank” Panther “is translated as”Panther”. Front in the upper left corner of the picture shows the radio operator. On the back is a diagram of a tank with three positions, and under it lists the machine specifications. The sleeve patch is made of white thread and sewn to the sleeve, it duplicates the above inscription “PanzerWaffe”. The application of the image is done with a soft white paint. At the bottom of both sleeves and the bottom of the product is made stitching three red threads.

To delve into the design concept of this model of men’s clothing, you can read the article about the history of the German tank “Panther”.

Men’s longsleeve “Panther” is not only original, but also high-quality, warm and comfortable clothing for men. The knitted fabric from which it is made consists of natural cotton (80% cotton) with the addition of polyester (14% PE) and lycra (6%). This fabric composition provides a lot of advantages in the operation of the product: strength, wear resistance, durability, hygiene, softness, elasticity. Even after a long wear and numerous washings longsleeve “Panther” is not deformed, will not lose its matte Shine, do not fade the color of the main product and designer prints.

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Fabric composition

80% cotton, 14% PE, 6% lycra




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