The story of one t-shirt

It is quite difficult to imagine a modern civilized man, in the closet which would not have at least one t-shirt, but how often do we think about where there was this wonderful and comfortable piece of clothing? The history of the origin of the t-shirt is still not fully clarified, since in the days of ancient Egypt and for many centuries after it there were things resembling a t-shirt. However, the most official is the version of its appearance during the first world war in the American army, whose soldiers appreciated the convenience of cotton underwear of their European counterparts, while they themselves were forced to sweat in woolen uniforms.

Wide distribution of t-shirts

This type of underwear quickly gained popularity among soldiers, as it helped to extend the life of the main outfit. Subsequently, the developers abandoned the buttons, long sleeves, made a round neckline, ie t-shirt acquired the same T-shape, thanks to which it received its English name T-shirt. The convenience and cheapness of this garment made it popular not only in the army, but also in ports, agriculture, mines, and later it was sold all over the world and was used not only as a uniform, but also as a means of expression.

The first stylish men’s t-shirts appeared thanks to Hollywood. It is through the movie, they have been successfully implemented in daily life are perceived by people as something sexy and trendy. In addition, the t-shirt was very comfortable to wear, it was easy to wash and iron, besides their price was always much lower than the cost of shirts.

At the very beginning of his” career ” t-shirts were produced exclusively white, a little later there was a t-shirt men’s black, then they began to print the names of ships and military bases, and in the sixties of the twentieth century came the fashion for prints and colors. It all started with the company Tropix Togs, printed on their t-shirts images of disney cartoon characters. In the future, other manufacturers have picked up and developed this idea,so that soon on t-shirts have printed anything. They became a means of political agitation, advertising campaigns, expressing protests and their own beliefs, declarations of love to musical and cinematic idols, symbols of youth cultures, an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Even the tourist business grabbed their jackpot with souvenir t-shirts with images of attractions.

The popularity of t-shirts in the USSR

In our country, t-shirts came as a football uniform, from which they received their Russian name and widespread. Fashionable men’s t-shirts to our fellow citizens during the Soviet Union were not available, so that young people put experiments on painting in the kitchens. The best t-shirts, obtained in such a clever way, effectively distinguished its owner from the gray mass of Soviet citizens.

Today the production and sale of t-shirts are so well developed that you can easily satisfy even the most refined taste, after all, on sale are t-shirts with long sleeves, and t-shirts in the form of shirts, t-shirts, embellished with rhinestones, decorative embroidery or vintage finish, and a t-shirt with pictures of male and female. And what will be depicted on your t-shirt is limited only by your imagination.

By the way, t-shirts with long sleeves for women are quite popular with modern pop and movie stars. Many of these items of their wardrobes are even sold under the hammer at auction. And with pleasure are bought by judges for very quite good money. So we can safely assume that the t-shirt is the most popular clothing in the modern world, and for a long time will be considered as such.