How to choose a stylish sweatshirt

At first glance, the question is simple. However, after, as I began to pay attention on people in such of advisers, he me simple seem stopped. Almost everyone wears t-shirts, tops, long sleeves with print, hoodies. Apparently so the percentage of “mistakes” in choosing stylish and fashionable clothing this category proved so great. It is necessary to make a compliment to the fair sex – they have it all much better than men. Well, if so, then I will focus on men.

Practical recommendations on the choice of hoodies

First, guys, don’t buy hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts (Longsleeves) in the hope that they “sit down.” If a suitable size is not available, it is better not to take the thing at all. Usually jerseys are seated quite differently from how you would like. And if the material contains special additives, the product may not be noticeable at all”sit down”. In end, you will short sleeves and entire thing entirely or, contrary, sweatshirt at all not sits down and hangs hoodie. It happens, of course, that the product is not compressed vertically, as in the case of short sleeves, and horizontally, that is, from the sides. But this rarely happens and suggests that the manufacturer has grossly violated the technology.

By the way, only things made of pure cotton are significantly seated. No matter how high quality cotton is, it will still shrink after washing, especially if you washed it with too hot water. Occasionally cotton products terribly stretched. This happens with things from a very thin, loose cloth of pure cotton and speaks of a very poor quality. Don’t buy such things.

In rare cases, when the quality of cotton fabric is quite unimportant, then your drawing, which you liked so much when choosing a t-shirt or sweatshirt, can strongly “go” and after washing look very comical. That is why it is better to choose a fashionable t-shirt or a designer sweatshirt from the so-called blended fabric. This is when the label products, in addition to cotton, are indicated, for example, polyester or lycra. Both these supplements, if their not more 50 percent, positively affect the quality of knitted products and fear their not need to, rather contrary – better, to they were. Modern clothing from knitted fabric almost always contains polyester and lycra, often one thing. This improves its wear resistance and durability. If, for example, you see the composition of the material 90 percent cotton and 10 lycra, it means that when knitting knitted fabric of 10 threads 9 cotton and one lycra (elastane). This additive gives the material a pull and allows you to keep the shape of your item in its original form, i.e. as at the time of purchase. If you see in the composition of the, for example, 80 percent cotton and 20 polyester, then you can be confident, that your thing markedly not sits down, as and with lycra, too,.

Polyester or PE gives the product strength and elasticity. This tolstovka will last much longer than pure cotton.

In the same time not advise you buy knitted things, in composition which enters more 30 percent PE. They stop “breathing”, which certainly affects your comfort, especially if you find yourself in an unexpectedly warm room.

I will say a few words about the density of the material. The higher it is from the knitted fabric, the thing of it is heavier, denser. For example, if the density of the footer, and it is so in 99 percent of cases called the material for hoodies, 420 grams., that square meter of this footer weighs just 420gr., and this means that your thing is very dense and warm. If, the density is 240gr., on the contrary-the product is quite light and, therefore, not very warm. Here your choice depends on the time of year and whether you are going to wear outerwear. However, clothing manufacturers do not write on the tag the density of the material, but to know what the density is still not bad.

Materials used in the production of Red Lion

RedLion often uses a looped footer for sewing their products. This material on the back is not fleece and looped structure. When choosing hoodies, know that the footer with fleece is warmer due to its plump structure, and the loop is less warm, although in all other respects – both in quality and density, these are similar materials. Among other things, I recommend that you pay attention to the smooth surface of the material hoodies. Keep in mind-small knots on it indicate not very high quality material.

About color: the color fastness of the material also characterizes its quality. Unfortunately, visually assess the quality of painting is almost impossible, but as a rule, if you have a sweatshirt made of smooth, pleasant to the touch mixed material, then this moment is unlikely to disappoint you.

About sewing: pay attention to the sewing lines. They should be smooth.

Look at the inside of the sweatshirt, the inner seams should be of high quality-uniform and reliable. There should be no passes, there will be a hole in this place. It’s not bad if you can see that the threads are slightly shiny. This suggests that they have already known you PE and it’s good.

That’s probably all I wanted to say. I will only add that our brand uses only the highest quality materials in tailoring and if you want to get a reference sample – welcome to our catalog. There you can buy men’s hoodies, t-shirts for men, women’s fashion Longsleeves.