How to choose a fashionable t-shirt

In many ways, this article echoes the article about the choice of hoodies. But there is a difference. For a thoughtful choice of the right t-shirt (T-shirt) you need to know that in contrast to the footer, from which, as we know, are sewn hoodies of different styles and cuts, t-shirts are made of culinary surface. It is such knitted material which is knitted transversely, a layer at it one, structure loop, has a skeleton and connecting broach.

Types of knitted materials for the production of t-shirts

Kulirnaya smooth surface is 100 percent cotton, and sometimes with the addition of lycra. The first sits down stronger, the second almost imperceptibly. Desirable, to lycra was not more 10 percent in your things. This is enough to ensure good wear resistance, preservation of the original shape, elasticity. Here is you the first practical recommendation – are looking on tag products, if want, to thing has served longer, then the optimal composition this 95 on 5 or 90 on 10. Incidentally, have such a the composition kulirki there is, aside from other, another remarkable plus: material not is dissolved. This means, that you can, for example, from longsleeve do shortsleeve, simply cutting off sleeves. In this case, the remaining part of the sleeve will twist slightly, but it will look quite harmonious – crumble, will not bloom either after washing or during wear. An example of processing sleeves!

And the culinary surface, both cotton and lycra is perfect for thermo and screen printing. That is why when choosing your favorite image on this material, be sure that it will last there for a long time. Of course, if initially dealt qualitatively. How to understand how well and correctly done print on your t-shirt we will tell in one of our stories. For sewing T-shirt, women’s tops and blouses, viscose is often used. This material is made from recycled cellulose and in fact not natural, but it has positive properties of natural, i.e. “breathes”, pleasant to wear. His minus-relatively rapid “fatigue”, he is beginning to dry off and lose external kind of faster cotton with lycra. Its special quality that girls like is a very large viscosity. “”Sit down” viscose not much.

Now that you know what materials are mainly sewn knitted things, your choice will be more conscious and useful. When buying a T-shirt, pay attention to the density of the material. It is desirable that it was more. On the tag this value is not specified, but feels like such a thing would be difficult. The fact that the more dense the product last longer. This principle of choice is not suitable if you take clothes for a hot summer, then on the contrary it is necessary to take thinner, easier. T-shirts are different collar processing. Not taking into account trends of high fashion, there are three variants of such treatment.

Methods of processing the gate

First: the collar is made of the so-called oblique bake, that is, almost always of the same material as the main product and looks like this.

Second: the gate is processed by a special material, different from the main-ribana. That’s what happens in the end.

Third: this method is only suitable for cotton with lycra and the collar is not processed at all, that is, the edge of the collar is just a cropped material. This option is not common, but it happens.

Way to as precisely ennobled collar on ultimate the quality of fundamentally not affects, but rather is affair taste, but know about this helpful. About the quality of tailoring and what especially to pay attention to in this matter, we wrote in our article about how to choose the right sweatshirt. There are almost no nuances in the case of t-shirts. Since t-shirts are thinner and sometimes stretch more hoodies, then slightly try to stretch the seams of the product. They also need to stretch along with the material, and not to stand still. That was all. Good mood and good shopping in our online store youth clothing!