Buy online: pros and cons

Every year more and more people shop online. Let’s try to objectively understand whether it is convenient, profitable, safe, as we say online entrepreneurs. Of course, it is impossible to draw General conclusions that would apply to absolutely all product groups. In our article we will mean clothes. So, let’s start with the positive aspects.


Time saving

Hardly anyone will argue that driving or shopping in search of the right things is an occupation that requires a lot of time. In our age, time is an extremely valuable resource. Modern online clothing stores are made so that you can in a relatively short time to view more options, quickly understand what you need, put a filter on the site by price, size, style, color. Agree, this is not the same as sorting through the clothes hangers with your hands, standing in line in the fitting room, then in the cash register. Perhaps, and in this process there is its grains charm of, but men, for example, rarely like such pastime.
On the seller’s website you can get more information about fashion, manufacturer, product quality, the intricacies of product care. Such information is difficult to obtain in a regular store. If you have any questions about the selected model, you can ask them directly on the website. Not every seller in an offline store is so competent and has the time to give you any details other than size and availability.


Due to more economical logistics, as a rule, prices in online clothing stores are less. Online seller does not need to spend money on the showroom, excess staff, signs. All this affects the value of the goods for the better for the buyer side.


In the online store, the buyer has the opportunity to communicate directly with the manufacturer, ask him questions, stipulate non-standard terms of delivery, you can even agree on personal bonuses and discounts. On our site, for example, you can give advice to the manufacturer to expand the range on a particular topic, make comments and Express wishes for the design. If your participation is really constructive, you will be able to see the results of their advice. Such in our practice already was. All that we wanted to convey to you above can be formulated as participation in the production process, the opportunity to show their knowledge in the topics that we ourselves use in our work.

Useful knowledge

In the articles on the websites of online stores you can learn a lot of useful information. This is very important specifically for our store. A person who first came to the page of our catalog, may simply not understand what this or that image on any t-shirt. For example, why does longsleeve’s Mountain Ranger have a flower in front? What is this flower and what does it do on this model? Read in the article section about it and you will understand everything. Agree, it is very convenient. Especially when it comes to such ambiguous works as ours. Will the seller in a regular store tell you all this? Of course not.


As we wrote above to go to the usual shops in search of things time-consuming process. In addition, it is also very exhausting. On the Internet, you can shop at home, drinking coffee or who likes it more. From your experience offline purchases, we know that often physical tiredness is forcing us to buy not quite what I was looking for, as “my strength is no more” going on and off today and should finish it this afternoon, can’t wait next weekend. Choosing, buying, paying online, all these inconveniences you avoid.

Emotional comfort

In conclusion, I would like to mention one important factor that is often relevant. We are talking about psycho-emotional comfort in the process of searching, fitting, payment for goods in a physical store. I, as the author of the article and the usual buyer, often unpleasant as look at me sales consultants, when I, for example, pick up a pair of jeans. And I noticed that whatever jeans I wore, going to the store for a new pair, this look tells me that I wore some worthless old thing. And this look the more expressive, the more budget thing I chose for fitting. It happens with shoes and with a jacket. Although the days of Soviet sellers are long gone, but this approach to the buyer for some reason remained in places. Such neglect and biased approach to the buyer in conventional stores should certainly hurt you and make you buy “really” cool jeans, and this method is as old as the world, but still it is still used. In addition, there are other not always pleasant nuances of communication with sellers in these stores, sometimes instead of buying you want to get away from such “miracle consultants”. In selling online resources you will not find this, and therefore with your mood everything will be ok.


There is no way to try

One of the disadvantages of buying clothes on the sites is the inability to try it on. In our store we try to choose your size as accurately as possible. For example, we ask you to specify in advance the weight and height of buyers, so as not to be tied to the nominal size, because it is unreliable. Size XL European standard and the same size of the Chinese standard is not the same. Moreover, there is American, Russian XL (he same 52 th) and many still any other XL-it. Initially, our standard sizes Russian, but we can not know what XL used to the visitor of our resource. Often we ask you to specify the length of longsleeve sleeves or hoodies that our buyer wears. To do this, measure the distance from the shoulder seam to the bottom of the sleeve. You will spend one minute on it, but you will avoid possible inconvenience in the process of wearing things.

Waiting for a refund if the item does not fit

Goods purchased on the Internet is more difficult to return if it had hidden flaws. Since the seller or manufacturer may be located in another city, it is associated with correspondence and additional costs, including shipping. We try to solve such problems as quickly as possible. Our clothes pass quality control at production, and besides we once again check everything before sending. Very often we deliver orders by courier in Moscow and then such problems do not happen.

Quality of goods

… taken on faith in the case of purchase of clothing on the site. You can not touch the material, to assess its softness, comfort, quality, see the seams. Unfortunately, it is impossible to replace tactile sensations at a distance. Therefore, you can trust the product description. Our customers, once believing and buying from us a thing, when making next purchases do not doubt that the characteristics of the material specified on the site are true.

Time constraints

When you have selected and paid for the goods on the Internet, it takes a considerable time before you get it in the mail. But the delivery time is not a problem if you are in Moscow. In this case, the courier will deliver your order during the day. If you are in another city, then, for example, in our store we ship the order no later than the next day after payment. The premise is usually a week. Knowing this, you can always calculate the time of receipt of the order, if, for example, you want to buy our original t-shirts as a gift.

Here, perhaps, all that can be said about such an exciting and interesting activity as online shopping. Visit our catalog, choose a modern, fashionable, stylish, extraordinary thing and get only pleasant emotions!