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You are on the website of the manufacturer of clothing “Red lion”. Fashionable t-shirts, hoodies and other clothing from our company – a large number of a variety of colors, styles and designs…this is how we should start, so that no one has read more. The fact that the main page to issue the words entrusted to me, and I do not want to write about the imaginary variety of styles in our catalog, about fashionable clothes for girls and men. It doesn’t matter. It is important just that the style of “RedLion” one – your own. By the way, why the “Red lion”?


The chief designer ten years ago was fond of European culture and convinced everyone that the image of a lion on its hind legs is the visual key to everything European, to all their traditions and values. All this is worthy of respect, it is difficult to argue. And ” red ” because it’s beautiful. I liked the White dog better, though. It was in 2005. To begin with, we bought ready-made Indian t-shirts and printed two designs on them. Themselves t-shirts not remained, and drawings here is:

This was followed by work-t-shirt “red lion”, “bandolier”, sweatshirt with a dragon “they ruled the world”, “hand of the samurai” and Longsleeves “life-game”and ” invisibles”. You can see them below. The quality of material by the time significantly has improved, sew all have become themselves. For today we use the best Jersey, and we sew on conscience. As for design concepts, as you can see, we do not adhere to any one direction. The main thing is that RL clothing meets your image and mood, “spoke” for you. No wonder the slogan for RedLion — Look like you’ve got nothing to proove, in translation: you look as if you have nothing to prove.


Then followed the design, which clearly divided our customers in the evaluation into two equal parts, plus and minus. An unusual, provocative and controversial model. All that was after, you can easily see in our catalog. RL is clearly aware that everyone can’t like our work. We would very much like 86 percent of our compatriots to categorically dislike it. Here is briefly our history. We are planning a whole series of new works. Come to us, and you will see them first.

RedLion can become one of the favorite types of clothing in your wardrobe or wherever you keep it, and thanks to the specific design of its owner will always be able to look original and original… If, of course, he wants it.

Modern clothes for people who always have an opinion. Quality materials, unique design, made in Russia. Look dignified, wear RedLion.

ABOUT US. T-shirts-Made in Russia

“RedLion” is a relatively young clothing brand. The reason for its creation in 2005 was the desire to look differently at the style inherent in the city, the desire to allocate a certain, a small group of people from connoisseurs of consumer goods.