Red lion: online store of stylish designer clothes

We do not look for inspiration in the ideas of trendy designers, we do not break the Internet in search of fashion trends, we do not copy. We Create.

From all the flow of everyday information, our own thoughts, we try to choose the main thing, to give meaning, to capture. We do not just sew,cut, apply embroidery. We Create.

We’re not interested in fashion for fashion’s sake. Fashion that can satisfy anyone. We’re not for everyone. This distinguishes us from the multitude.

Our designers are Artists in the literal and literal sense of the word. We do not put our production on the conveyor. We are unique.

“Fashion no longer exists. It is created for several hundred people” (K. Chanel)

Fashion and style are the same characteristics of the era as politics and Economics. The economic structure of the world is changing, the course in politics is changing, and fashion is changing. This dependence is so obvious that it does not need extra evidence. How do fashionable clothes appear? If, for example, puzzled by the question of how the military style originated, it is easy to find the answer: the military style appeared in the late 60s of the 20th century as a protest of American youth against the us Government started the war in Vietnam. However, is everything so simple and is it possible to reduce such a complex process as the emergence of a new style only to the changed political conditions?

The birth of a new fashion trend is always a creative process, and therefore inextricably linked with thinking. Agree, to protest against anything, you need a change in consciousness, the ability to see the world as if from another side, otherwise. It requires a certain growth of self-consciousness, the ability to oppose your Self to the surrounding reality. The masses always go with the flow and only people with a level of thinking and creativity,superior to the mass, are able to Express themselves. Creating things, we focused precisely on such people-people, with not dictated by mass culture beliefs, strong domestic pivot (incidentally say, word “style” with Greek translated precisely as pivot). We do not aim to create so-called “fashionable clothes”. A person dressed in even the most trendy costume is often faceless. His clothing does not Express it, but rather serves as a confirmation of a good level of income. We are convinced that clothes should talk about a person, about his inner world, and if You are smart, see and understand more than others — You have something to say. We do not create “flashy” clothes, the one that aggressively imposes the image of its owner to others (remember, for example, the t-shirts with inscriptions like “I am Russian” and other blunt-straightforward statements in the style of the unreasonably self-confident provincial). The style we offer is intellectual style. Each emblem, symbol keep the history, bear in itself absolutely certain semantic loading. Such clothing does not scream, it hints, sets interest to You, draws attention, veiled, in semitones tells About you. Such clothing will never conquer the world, as it is not for everyone and therefore unique. It is for people who are whole, free, strong, Protestant, capable of self-expression, with original, sometimes ironic thinking.

Modern clothes for people who always have an opinion. Quality materials, unique design, made in Russia. Look dignified, wearing the Red Lion.